Email and SMS Messaging

For quick and easy communication we will use email and SMS messaging to the address/phone numbers that you have provided.  We will limit email and SMS messages to registered patients who are aged 16 and over, or their legal representative.  We will contact you in respect of your direct care, for example your test results, your appointment confirmation, reminders to book your annual review, and notification if your prescription request has been rejected.

We may also use email and SMS messaging to communicate with you regarding your indirect care for example we may send you a message to contact us if we have been unable to contact you by telephone.

All emails and SMS messages to you will be made part of your medical record and you have the same right of access to these emails and SMS messages as you do to the rest of your record.

We do not solicit business or market our services using email or SMS messaging, nor do we disclose our patients’ contact information to third parties for this purpose.

If you do not wish to receive emails or SMS messages you can advise us that you wish to opt out.