GPs’ Working Hours

If you want to speak to a particular GP, we thought it would be helpful for you to know when they are available so you can submit an eConsult on the appropriate day.

At the current time, our doctors are available as follows:

GP PartnersWorking Days
Dr Pam KnowlesMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Angus CarnegyMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Richard ParkerMonday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Nick WesternMonday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr Rob WalkerMonday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr James DixonMonday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Caroline O’KeeffeMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr Anna ReedMonday, Tuesday & Friday
Associate GPsWorking Days
Dr Sam JohnsonWednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Sarah LongleyTuesday & Wednesday
Dr Jo FurnessMonday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr Melissa BrowningMonday & Thursday
Dr Victoria FreireMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr Cathy HuytonMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Fiona ThorntonMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr Naomi LizindeMonday (alternate), Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Jenni StobbartMonday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr Natalie Eaden (Currently on Maternity Leave) Dr Fran O’Neil coveringWednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Nkolika EzehMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Samantha ScammellThursday & Friday
Dr Roopa RadhakrishnanMonday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Louise CarneyMonday & Wednesday
Dr Lucy WilsonTuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Barbara TollettWednesday & Thursday (ad hoc sessions)
Dr Susan BowenDays vary (ad hoc sessions)
Dr Caroline SykesDays vary (ad hoc sessions)
Dr Katrina WebsterTuesday
Dr Ros JonesWednesday & Friday
Dr Ben BowsherMonday, Wednesday & Thursday