GPs’ Working Hours

If you want to speak to a particular GP, we thought it would be helpful for you to know when they are available so you can submit an eConsult on the appropriate day.

At the current time, our doctors are available as follows:

GPMale(m) female(f)Usual Working Days
Dr BerkelaarmWednesdays & Thursdays
Dr BhattimWednesdays & Thursdays
Dr BowenfAd hoc sessions
Dr CarnegyfMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr CarneyfMonday & Wednesday
Dr DixonmMonday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Eaden (currently on Maternity leave)fWednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr EzehfMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr FreirefMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr FurnessfMonday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr HuytonfMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr JonesfWednesday & Friday
Dr KnowlesfMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr LizindefMonday (alternate), Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr LongleyfTuesday & Wednesday
Dr O’KeeffefMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr ParkermMonday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr RadhakrishnanfMonday, Thursday & Friday
Dr ReedfMonday, Tuesday & Friday
Dr ScammellfThursday & Friday
Dr StobbartfMonday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr SykesfAd hoc sessions
Dr ThorntonfMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr TollettfWednesday & Thursday (ad hoc sessions)
Dr WalkermMonday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr WebstermTuesday
Dr WesternmMonday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr WilsonfTuesday, Thursday & Friday