Our Team


The doctors work across our three sites and take it in turns to work alongside our duty team.  They have clinics in the mornings and afternoons. Before, after and in-between these appointments the doctors review results, letters from the hospital and other clinics, review prescription requests and requests for fit notes. The doctors also supervise trainee doctors and provide support to the wider clinical team. The doctors also complete forms for agencies such as the DWP and DVLA.

GP Male(m) female(f) Usual Working Days
Dr Berkelaar m Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Bhatti m Wednesdays & Thursdays
Dr Bowen f Ad hoc sessions
Dr Carnegy f Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Carney f Monday & Wednesday
Dr Dixon m Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Eaden (currently on Maternity leave) f Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Ezeh f Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Freire f Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr Furness f Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr Huyton f Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Jones f Wednesday & Friday
Dr Knowles f Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Lizinde f Monday (alternate), Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Longley f Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr O’Keeffe f Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Dr Parker m Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Radhakrishnan f Monday, Thursday & Friday
Dr Reed f Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Dr Scammell f Thursday & Friday
Dr Stobbart f Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr Sykes f Ad hoc sessions
Dr Thornton f Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Dr Tollett f Wednesday & Thursday (ad hoc sessions)
Dr Walker m Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Dr Webster m Tuesday
Dr Western m Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Dr Wilson f Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Duty Team

At Camrose, Gillies and Hackwood Partnership, we have a large team of experienced clinicians who manage the requests for urgent on the day appointments.

This team, which is based at St Andrews Centre, is led by a Clinical Manager and includes Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Paramedic Practitioners, a Mental Health Specialist Nurse, a Healthcare Assistant and Nurse Practitioners who will shortly undergo their prescribing training in order to become Advance Nurse Practitioners. The team are supported by the GPs who work in the duty hub on a rotational basis.

Our Paramedic Practitioners assist with the telephone triage, face to face reviews and home visits for patients who contact us to request on the day appointments.

Our Healthcare Assistant works alongside the duty team carrying out  diagnostic tests such as ECGs, blood tests, blood pressure readings and temperature readings in order to assist the clinician seeing the patient.

Frailty Team

Our Frailty Team is led by Annabelle Eastwood, Community Matron,  and includes Specialist Nurses, a Healthcare Assistant and a Care-Coordinator.  The team spend a lot of time in the community visiting our most frail patients and Care Home residents.

Social Prescribers

Our Social Prescribers support individuals with issues that might not necessarily be appropriate to see a GP for, e.g. financial worries, housing worries, relationship problems and carer support.  They can also provide brief interventions (up to 12 weeks) and resources for patients and can signpost and support as appropriate.

The Practice Nurse Team

Amber Truscott is our Senior Nurse Manager who is supported by Heather Blair, Nurse Manager. We have a large team of highly skilled Nurses and Healthcare Assistants.

Click here to read about the services that the Nursing Team provide.

Andover MIND Mental Health Advisor

We are very pleased to have Emma, a Mental Health Advisor from Andover MIND working alongside us two mornings per weeks.

This service offers half hour appointments with a mental health advisor who can discuss with you your current difficulties. They can also give you information for services in the local area that offer longer term support for any issues that you are struggling with at the moment.  In addition to this the mental health advisor is trained to give you specific self-help strategies and advice for a variety of mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, life stressors, insomnia etc.).


Three community midwives work from our Essex House site supporting us with the care of our pregnant patients.

Practice Management Team

Jane May is our Senior Practice Manager and Amy Taplin is our Business Manager.  They are supported by our management team – Claire Osborne, Sue Phillipson and Debra Burgess.   To contact a member of the management team please email [email protected]

Practice Administration

We are lucky enough to have an efficient and helpful team of Receptionists, Prescription Clerks and Administrators to support our clinicians and patients.